4 Party Wear Sarees That Every Party Girl Should Own

India has always been a versatile country which embraces the traditions and rituals the best. Every state has thrived with their own kind of glamour, style,and cultures of their own form. However, one thing that remains common is the love for saris and the vibrant shades that evolves with it. The exceptional beauty and the customary popular designs are something that every woman wants to flaunt at big fat Indian weddings as well as various other occasions. May it be Diwali, Puja or any other family get-togethers the love for sarees has always been eternal and extraordinary.

Parties are an integral part of every individual and party attires are the extreme necessity. With the fashion world excelling with umpteenth charm and glamour, the attires and styles are ever changing. Recently paving the way to exceptional designer sarees, ladies and girls have embraced the party wear sarees as well. Matching with designer blouses, the sarees are not only given a fresh look but evolve with a modern yet exquisite look altogether. The recent party wear sarees have therefore emerged as a necessity of every wardrobe. Hence, here is a list of four mandatory party wear sarees that every party girl should own to steal the glances of the onlookers:


Carrying the essence of southern states, the lehengasarees are the most beloved modification of the traditional lehenga and choli. Mimicking both the 9 yards draping sarees and the traditional lehenga-choli, the lehengasarees have emerged as a concoction that is loved by one and all. In South, the ladies and girls usually wear it to official parties, formal and cultural occasions as well as weddings. The designs have, henceforth, inspired the fancy designers around the country who had sprinkled their own talents and have thusmade them a sensation of the entire country. The vibrant shades of the dupatta contrasting with the blouse and the sareereflect a mesmerizing charm which is unique in its own way.

Gotta Patti Sarees

Party wearsarees heavily embellished with gottapatti work is presently being adorned for every occasion by women all around the world. From the darkest shades to the lightest hue, gottapatti looks beautiful on any and every kind of contrast. The beauty lies in the antique designs which remind us of our heritage and the incomparable works of ancient artists. The enchanting gold dressing of the gottapatti, therefore, makes it a mandatory asset of the wardrobes of every girl.

Party SareesWith Hand-Woven Zari Work

Zarisarees are yet another necessity that every girl should own. Simple light coloredsarees with hand-woven golden zari works can do wonders for almost every occasion. May it be a simple office party or a fancy get-together, zarisarees can be worn and flaunted anywhere and everywhere. The beauty and the elegance that lies in the simple zari woven sarees stand incomparably to any other party wear sarees available in the market.

Gorgeous Black Sarees

A simple blackchiffon sari can do magic beyond imagination. The essence of a black sari is immortal and the elegance is incomparable. Matched with a designer blouse, black sarees can emerge as a sexy and fashionable asset and might also be the best choice for any occasion.

Following the aforementioned list of four gorgeous sarees, we now leave it upto you on what to match it with. With fancy blouses, that are the latest addition to the fashion house, and accessories that can drop your jaw, these sarees can be flaunted and worn to any occasion.