People suffering from chronic pain due to a health disorder may benefit from wearing high-quality shoes with excellent support. Patients dealing with pain from rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic disorders may become more sedentary as they avoid activities that lead to discomfort. Choosing cheap footwear is inadvisable. Individuals who are on a tight budget will probably want to search out discount sales on better-quality products, such as alegria shoes. Those shoes may allow them to walk longer distances without discomfort and to be more active in general.

Rheumatoid arthritis is diagnosed through blood testing, but fibromyalgia is diagnosed by evaluating a group of symptoms. Fibromyalgia thus is medically considered a syndrome instead of a distinct disease, which has made many individuals skeptical that the disorder actually exists. However, anyone suffering from the chronic muscle pain and fatigue characteristic of fibromyalgia has no doubt that this is real and debilitating health problem. To regain and maintain a better quality of life, wearing shoes that minimize discomfort during physical activity is crucial.

Doctors encourage these patients to engage in light to moderate exercise, such as walking, swimming or riding a bike on a flat surface. Physical activity actually reduces the muscle pain and fatigue, although patients may feel a bit worse at first when they start an exercise regimen. Having the right shoes for weight-bearing activities like walking or playing a non-competitive game of tennis is essential. Many types of shoes are ideal for taking long walks; the individual may want to do some research on recommendations for fibromyalgia patients.

Even people who don’t have any type of chronic pain disorder can develop muscle and joint pain if they exercise while wearing poor-quality or worn-out shoes. Without proper support, the feet can easily become sore, but other parts of the body react negatively as well. People are known to develop backaches, knee pain and shin splints because of their footwear. The situation can easily be even worse for someone dealing with fibromyalgia. Yet doctors believe it’s important for these patients to avoid being sedentary, which can lead to weight gain and other negative effects on health.