Gatsby glamour: a step by step guide to the perfect hair

Gatsby glamour: a step by step guide to the perfect hair

Everyone’s asking how to get that high-end, immaculate glamour made so desirable by the film The Great Gatsby. The combination of vintage charm plus its versatility up or down and its stay-put-ability all make this a go-to style. What’s more, this isn’t a teased look that will flop. This hair will remain beautiful until the break of dawn meaning you can enjoy the day and evening with your family and friends in your selected choice of Wedding Guest Dresses that you have chosen from companies such as

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For wedding guests or those attending a special event who are looking for sophisticated, polished hair styles, here’s our step by step guide:

The Prep

1. Start with dry hair and add mousse and heat. Section the hair, apply the mousse and blow dry downwards to create smooth hair that is ready to hold curls.

The Curls

2. Curl your hair using a medium curling iron. Don’t forget to add heat protector to save your hair and add holding power by blocking out humidity. Now is the time to think about whether you want your curls going backward or forward. Backward is a more serious look, whereas forward is more playful. You can have both, but a forward curl can get annoying if it falls in your face.
3. After each curl, spritz and leave it to cool before letting it go. You can also clip it gently to set the curl even stronger.
4. After you’ve completed the whole head, if the curls look too hard, take a soft bristle brush to them, re-curling with your fingers as you go.
5. Now is the time to add a root-boost or volumiser. Don’t forget to pick one that matches your hair colour.

The Style

6. To create the real Great Gatsby look, you now need to make the desired style. If you’re wearing your hair down, gently tease the curls into waves and pin your hair back behind one ear. For an up-do, bring your hair back carefully towards the base of your neck and fix it before creating a twist, bun or simply a sweep.
7. Spritz with hairspray but don’t overdo it. This is great hair for partying and dancing, but you don’t want it to look like a helmet.

The Accessories

8. Last but not least, don’t forget to add hair jewels for that full-on Gatsby Glamour.