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Keeping Your Dog and Its Environment Flea and Tick Free

Caring for your dog’s health is one of the most important jobs of a pet owner. You are probably making sure that they are eating well and getting plenty of exercise, but are you making sure that they take the correct medications each month? To take the best care of your dog, you need to be conscious of the threats of fleas and ticks, and giving your pet the right preventative solutions.

Fleas and ticks are extremely small pests that live in nearly every outdoor environment. While they don’t like extreme cold, any temperature above that is an atmosphere in which fleas and ticks can thrive. Fleas and ticks ride around on other animals, from deer to rodents, and can come across your pet anytime they are outside your home. When one of these pests get onto your dog, especially with a flea, they can quickly begin reproducing inside your home as well, and spreading between pets and people. Obviously, it is essential to take charge before you have a real crisis on your hands.

Flea and tick shampoos exist to kill all the ticks, fleas, larvae, and eggs on your dog if you realize that they have been itching, or if you have seen one of these pests on their skin or fur. Preventative medicine can then be given, once the original and easily seen culprit is out of the way. Monthly medication, if given before an infestation, can prevent one from ever happening. There are a variety of types of flea and tick treatment, some of them are topical and put directly onto the back of the dog, and others are taken by mouth. Some dogs struggle to take oral medications, and in that case, topical preventatives are a great solution. Just select the medication that is right for your dog’s weight, and you have peace of mind all month that your dog is protected from common pests.
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If you see fleas or ticks in your home or lawn, there are steps you can take to help decrease the risk of these pests finding your dog. Carpet and lawn treatments are available in many pet stores and online, usually near where they offer their flea and tick preventative medicines. Yard sprays help repel pests from your lawn for a certain period of time, and indoor sprays generally kill the fleas that have found their way inside. This is especially effective if you have multiple pets who have already acquired some fleas, and you want to nip the infestation in the bud from the get go.
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Perhaps you have an out of control flea situation already, or you simply want to keep that from ever happening, but it’s good to be armed with the right tools of the trade. Having a healthy pet depends on monthly flea and tick preventatives and treating your living space for fleas and ticks.