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How to Pick a Greenhouse Irrigation System Plants need to access water in order to flourish healthy. But in the case of plants growing inside a greenhouse, these are unable to find natural sources of water such as rain or underground. As such, a reliable greenhouse watering system has to be created for such plants to grow well. Nonetheless, it is very vital that greenhouse plants are not negatively impacted by overwatering, so only the correct amount of water should be supplied. It’s also essential to keep in mind that the amount of irrigation needed varies based on the plant type and season, so, regardless of your choice of an irrigation method, be very vigilant. Sprinklers
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If you operate a large greenhouse, try a sprinkler system for best results. These systems are also good for plants that don’t mind wet foliage. In addition, sprinklers do keep unplanted areas of your greenhouse wet, so the method is appropriate when you wish to keep such sections well prepared for cultivation.
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Spray/Misting Irrigation A greenhouse with a plenty of seeds that require regular irrigation can do well with spray/misting systems. The systems spray water onto the soil in fine quantities, steadily hydrating it without disturbing it. In many cases, spraying and misting systems are automatic, reducing effort on your part as your irrigate your greenhouse. Drip Watering The drip method is one of the most economical greenhouse watering systems. You may set up the apparatus on the soil surface or bury it underneath. The dripping is slow since water is released at specific intervals throughout the day, making sure that plants do not dry out and water is used efficiently as there is no wastage due to run off associated with heavy watering. The technique works with good water pressure, it’s often used alongside a solar powered pump connected to a water butt, and it may be fully automated. Drip systems are idea for a greenhouse of any size, and you can scale them up or down based on requirements. Mat Irrigation Capillary mats are appropriate for small greenhouses or farmers that are new to this kind of farming. It is considered one of the most effective irrigation techniques, and it is quick and low-maintenance. By absorbing water from a tank, mats become wet. Plants are placed on the wet mats where they absorb water when required. These plants have to source their water from the mats underneath, so they have to naturally grow deeper routes. Mat irrigation sets up a humid atmosphere, boosting plant growth and preserving water. Greenhouse irrigation can save the day when natural sources of water are hard to avail. There exists various types of greenhouse watering systems, but you should select the type that’s effective and appropriate for your crops.